What Students Are Saying About Concordia Saint Paul:

"Throughout the program, I have felt extremely lucky to be a part of a cohort of educators who strive to better the world of education. While being a part of the online program, I was able to connect with different educators around the world and collaborate with them on best practice throughout educational leadership. Going through the program together, we were able to gain valuable insight from each other and our different educational experiences. As we come to an end in our program, I wouldn't have chosen another program. CSP is committed to teachers and their learning. All of our professors have been understanding and eager to learn from us and what we are seeing in the field. This program made it very accessible to be a full time teacher (and mom) while being a part of the masters program. If a future CSP candidate asked me about the program, I would tell them that this is the best program for teachers who are in the field and wanting to gain more experience in educational leadership. The courses were engaging, challenging and adaptable to our work in the classroom and in our schools. Working with the staff at CSP has made achieving my masters a valuable experience and if I choose to continue my education, I will be back at CSP."

- Bobbie Tronsgard, Educational Leadership Master's, Online

"My time at Concordia has been incredibly fulfilling. As a practicing educator, the program allowed me to learn and grow while continuing to work. I was able to implement new ideas and discuss real life situations with my cohort students and professors. The schedule was demanding of my time, but worth the investment to improve as a leader. I have gained valuable leadership experience, made connections that will help in my career and truly understood the philosophical and practical applications of leadership. Overall, I am pleased with my time at Concordia and proud of the work our cohort has done together."

- Brian Boothe, Educational Specialist w/ Superintendant Licensure, Online

"I've enjoyed my two years of hard work in the Concordia program. The classes were challenging and informative. I was able to collaborate with my cohort, and had professors who were knowledgeable in specific areas related to the technology program. Some classes were more challenging than others, but all of the classes allowed me to improve my teaching. Utilizing technology in the classroom has always been important to me. This Master's program gave me an edge and inspired me to engage my students using 21st century skills."

- Eleanor Potter, Educational Technology Master's, Online

"I was a little nervous at first because of the technology, however I soon realized that Concordia has everything so organized that the technology was very easy to learn. The few times I did have questions or concerns I was able to get answers quite quickly. The thing that I liked most about this program is the professors. They have all been professional, accessible, and have also made the curriculum accessible. I have also appreciated the convenience of the schedule. I have acquired many skills through the course of the program, and have already put many of them into practice. For example, I feel that I now have the skills needed to support facilitating Differentiated Instruction in my classroom. These are more than skills though, I have developed a philosophy of education that encompasses Differentiated Instruction. I see my students and my work colleagues in a new way, and I am proud to say that I am a reflective practitioner. My overall experience in the program has been a positive one, and for that reason I have already recommended the program to some of my work colleagues who have expressed an interest in earning their M.A. I am proud to say that soon I will be a Concordia graduate."

- Ginny Callahan, Differentiated Instruction Master's, Online

"I have continually been impressed with the high quality education offered at Concordia University, St. Paul. Everyone from professors, to student services, to the help desk is responsive. The professors are intelligent, knowledgable, active in the field, and absolutely relevant. The assignments are straight out of the real world and entirely applicable to the expectations of school administrators."

- Jenny Lundgren, Educational Specialist w/ Principal Licensure, Face-to-Face

"I have loved my experience at Concordia, and I was able to take what I was learning in my first year in the Curriculum and Instruction with a reading endorsement masters program and apply it directly to my teaching. Concordia prepared me for the MTLE and I am now licensed to be a reading teacher for grades K-12. I also feel equipped to teach low/struggling readers, and create strategies that will enable their success. Next semester, I am adding a few more new courses to my plate that involve what I learned my first year at Concordia! It has been a blessing and I am excited to wrap up my education in order to help meet students needs!"

- Kristi Anderson, Reading Endorsement w/ Master's, Online

"I have really enjoyed my experience in the Concordia Admin Program. Being able to participate from home (via WebEx) with a small cohort of people from all over the state was very effective. I really appreciated the opportunity to learn with and from people from areas beyond the metro, it really enriched and diversified my learning experience. The schedule was also ideal for my family. Knowing that each class throughout the program would be scheduled on the same evening made scheduling work and family events much easier. It also provided flexibility to meet with my cohort for various projects (via Google Hangouts or WebEx), we all knew each other's schedule and could easily reserve time for our group work. As I began the program I was not fully convinced that transitioning to an administrative role was I wanted to do. But after connecting with my cohort and interacting with the various professors I quickly realized that my passion truly was to become administrator because my opportunity to affect change and help student achieve is much greater in an administrator role. I was able to instantly put what I learned into practice both as a teacher and administrator. The wealth of knowledge and skills I acquired over the past 16 months is equal or greater than the knowledge and skills gained over the 14+ years I have been teaching."

- Matthew Young, Educational Specialist w/ Principal Licensure

"I absolutely enjoyed the Differentiated Instruction program and my smaller size cohort. The schedule was predictable and I appreciated this as I knew when work was due, and general expectations for assignments. I had some flexibility to add my own styles/approaches/ideas. I am truly going to miss being a grad student at Concordia St. Paul online program."

- Megan Reed, Differentiated Instruction Master's, Online

"I have been very happy with the cohort structure for the master's program. It allows us to make a strong connection with people that are similar to ourselves. I was able to obtain a master's degree while still being a mom, professional educator, and graduate student. The online program has allowed me to achieve what seemed to be the impossible due to my current life situation. I have found my skills have strengthened and this master's program has shed light and more validity into the practices of professional educators and why we do what we do. I have made a second family with my cohort members. The relationships and connections made has been really enriching. Online degrees have a negative connotation associated with them and I truly believe Concordia's rigor and high standards has made obtaining an online degree more credible. The online program really encourages one to be self-motivated and driven. It has been tough, but very rewarding at the same time. "

- Raeann Benolkin, Differentiated Instruction Master's, Online

"The Principal Specialist program has been valuable, relevant and convenient. The program has made it possible for me to advance my career while maintaining my current position and as a school counselor and most importantly be still present for my family."

- Susan Knutson, Educational Specialist w/ Principal Licensure, Online

"I did really enjoy the program. I appreciated that the professors were fellow educators who were accessible and willing to help. I would say that most of them did a fantastic job at really letting us run with the courses and make them relevant to our teaching. I really felt a connection with many of the professors, and know that I could contact them for information at any time, even now that we are done. At this point in my life, teaching full time, and running kids around in the evenings, an online program I could attend in my own living room was perfect, but I was skeptical of how much I would get out of it without that face to face connection. I was completely amazed at how close I became with my cohort, it is hard to believe that we have not actually met in person. I feel that I now have an added support system, a group of knowledgeable people I can go to with any questions that come up."

- Brooke Woodhouse, ASD Licensure, Online

"Being a busy mom of three school-aged children and working full-time, I was looking for a program that would give me a ton of new skills and knowledge but allow me time to fulfill my other roles and still have a moment to sleep. While this is not an easy task, Concordia accomplished it. I had to make sacrifices of time, but I gained a storehouse of knowledge that I have brought to my classroom, my committees, and PLC. I am grateful for the opportunity that Concordia afforded me to become a better teacher, staff member, and parent."

- Beth Ritzema, Reading Endorsement w/ Master's, Face-to-Face

"The CSP program is user friendly and conducive to working professionals. Relevant coursework and a faculty that boasts perspective from those that are practicing administrators solidifies this as a great option for those interested in entering educational administration. It is clear that CSP values its students and makes every effort to ensure that the educational experience is one that is positive for the student."

- John Reeves, Educational Specialist w/ Principal Licensure, Online

"I have been extremely happy with my CSP experience. Being a wife, a mom to 3 children and a full time teacher, the CSP schedule has allowed me to go back to college to get my Master's and keep up with the rest of my life. The professors have all been understanding, accommodating and supportive. The expectations of each class are held to high standards, yet are feasible within the timeframe. The online experience has been great. If I have had questions, I have always gotten quick answers from professors and others such as Student Services and Financial Aid. Overall, this has been a fantastic learning opportunity for me that has allowed me to continue to grow and learn as a professional."

- Toni Kathrein, SPED Master's w/EBD, Online

"I have loved my experience at Concordia. The Wednesday night option fit perfectly in my schedule as a head coach. The professors and support staff have been phenomenal in helping me earn my education specialist degree with principal license."

- Victoria Courts, Educational Specialist w/ Principal Licensure, Online

"I really enjoyed the cohort model, seeing the same faces each week on the screen. After just a few classes many of us exchanged numbers and keep in touch even between classes. It isn't uncommon to get group texts sharing ideas, tips, and inside jokes! My favorite thing about the program was the accommodating professors. They seemed to really respect our busy lives and made the class assignments, timelines, and weekly instruction fit the needs and goals of our unique cohort. Being back in school helped me refine my higher level thinking, communication, and writing skills. This specific program helped me deepen my understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders and the research behind practices, theories, and instruction. This has allowed me to articulate and enhance the things I already knew or did. I would recommend the online cohort program to any person looking to further their education and refine their skills. My classes were manageable and relevant. The schedule and rhythm of each class and entire program fit well within my already busy schedule. I grew to look forward to the weekly classes and benefited from the structured time online with my cohort as well as the individual time online to complete assignments."

- Megan Bissell, SPED Master's w/ASD, Online

"I would say the best thing about the program is that our instructors are so personable that it makes it so enjoyable to go to class. Nearly everything that we have learned and worked on in class has been directly related to my practice. The program has been rigorous but manageable at the same time. Instructors truly want you to succeed."

- Alyssa Potter, Reading Endorsement w/ Master's, Face-to-Face

"Overall my experience with my cohort has been wonderful. Even though we never actually meet face-to-face, I feel that my cohort is a support system as well as a means of trust and comfort when going through the courses. The schedule has been great. It has been flexible enough to not only attend school, but also raise a family and work full-time."

- Faith Apel, Educational Specialist w/ Principal Licensure, Online

"The Concordia Saint Paul cohort program has been perfect for me! It allows me to do things on my time with the constant support from my professors and the great staff at Concordia! I would recommend this program to anyone that wants to go back to school with a full time job! It has been very flexible."

- Theresa Steffen, Reading Endorsement w/ Master's, Online

"The cohort program at Concordia St. Paul was been a terrific experience for my busy lifestyle. I enjoyed the flexibility with the program and how the class schedule was structured. The Educational Leadership program has given me a robust skill set to apply to my current teaching profession. This program is preparing me to become a strong and influential leader in education. My overall experience in the Educational Leadership program has been tremendous at Concordia. The program allows me to be a student, while working full time, and have a family."

- Lindsay Nelson, Educational Leadership Master's, Face-to-Face

"Overall, I am very pleased with my experience in the CSP educational administration cohort. There are several parts of the program that I like and thought were successful. One, I enjoyed the flexibility of the online classes. Almost without fail, the Thursday evening sessions were reliable and valuable. I also enjoyed getting to know several people in my cohort - professionals who are going to be resources for me for years to come. Finally, I am currently a principal and while no program can completely prepare you (it is an enormous job and there is always going to be some on-the-job training), I felt like the program prepared me well. Overall I am thrilled to be graduating soon from CSP with my administrative license. I am so thankful that CSP offered the online cohort program otherwise I may never had got it done."

- Richard McMorrow, Educational Specialist w/ Principal Licensure

"I’ve been very happy with the education I’ve received at Concordia and plan to see the program through to completion. If you are interested in an EdD in administrative leadership, I’d recommend Concordia!"

- Tim Plath, Doctorate in Education: Educational Leadership, Online