MA Illinois Principal Preparation Program

Program Overview

This Principal Preparation Program prepares educators for school administrative responsibility.

Program Highlights & Benefits:

  • 2 years or less completion time
  • Holiday breaks
  • One course completed every 8 weeks

Program Objectives:

  • Promote the success of all students through developing and implementing a shared vision of learning and programs, which support this learning
  • Develop basic skills in management of the organization, operations, and resources for a safe, efficient and effective learning environment
  • Collaborate with staff, boards, students, families and community members in response to diverse educational and community interests and needs, and mobilizes community resources
  • Demonstrate integrity, fairness and ethical behavior to help in the development of a caring and moral school community
  • Understand and respond to the larger political, social, economic, legal and cultural contexts
  • Candidates must hold a valid and current Illinois Professional Educator License or from another state with a valid and current teaching certificate for that state
  • Candidates must prove successful completion of at least 2 years before the program begins and 4 years total by program completion

Program Endorsement Requirements:

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.
  • At entry, a candidate must hold and maintain a valid and current Illinois Professional Educator License (PEL) with an endorsement such as early childhood, elementary, secondary, special K-12, special preschool-age 21 or other Illinois approved endorsement, or a candidate may be admitted provisionally if holding a valid, current teaching license from another state. By the end of the second course in the program, the student must hold a valid, current Illinois PEL to be fully admitted and continue in the program.
  • Successful completion of four years of lead teaching experience. Should the candidate not have four years, then the candidate must show proof of four years teaching experience prior to completion of the program.
  • Copy of evidence of a passing score on the Test of Academic Proficiency (formerly called the Illinois Test of Basic Skills) or ACT/SAT equivalent as established by ISBE, or equivalent out of state test accepted by ISBE.
  • Successful completion of the application requirements for the CUC Principal Preparation Program.
  • Successful completion of the Principal Preparation program coursework.
  • Successful completion of the Principal Preparation program yearlong internship at an Illinois ground-based school.
  • Successful completion of the PERA Teacher Evaluation training required by ISBE.
  • Successfully pass the Illinois Principal content area tests.

Areas of Study

Instructional Leadership: 15 Semester Hours

Course Title Units
EDL 6120 Supervision and Evaluation to Improve Teaching and Learning 3
EDL 6130 School Evaluation and Change Processes 3
EDL 6140 Curriculum and Assessment: Framework for Student Learning 3
EDL 6240 Instructional Leadership 3
EDL 6600 Research in Education 3

Management of Public Schools: 6 Semester Hours

Course Title Units
EDL 6235 Principal as Resource Manager 3
EDU 6310 Schools, Families, and Community Partnerships 3

School and Public Policy: 6 Semester Hours

Course Title Units
EDL 6230 School Law and Policies 3
EDL 6300 Ethical Leadership: Models and Practices 3

Capstone Experience: 6 Semester Hours

Course Title Units
EDL 6983 Internship I 3
EDL 6984 Internship II (prerequisite: successful completion of Internship I) 3
  Total Credit Hours: 33

Internship Guidelines:

Internship I and II is a two semester, academic-year long, clinical experience at the preK-12 level. Students complete field based experiences that are extensive and intensive in their own school, including administrative shadowing in diverse settings in a school different than their own. Students are supervised by an on-site mentor and university supervisor. The internship is taken for the first full year (Fall and Spring semesters) following completion of concurrent enrollment in courses equal to a minimum of 15 semester hours of credit.

Principal endorsement only vs. Master of Arts in School Leadership with principal endorsement

  1. Candidates who do not hold a Master’s degree enroll in the Master of Arts in School Leadership, Principal Preparation Program.
  2. Candidates who hold a Master’s degree may choose between a second Master’s degree with the principal endorsement or just the endorsement only. Course work from a previous Master’s degree may be applied toward the program. Up to 5 courses from other Master’s degrees or other institutions may be transferred to the Principal Preparation Program at Concordia University. Consult the Office of Graduate Admissions and Enrollment Services for more information.

NOTE: This is only an introduction of the program. You are responsible to review the Graduate Catalog for program details.